Celebrating the Holidays Alone

Pandemic Diary Day 16

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April 9, 2020–2nd Day of Passover

I am sure many people are bemoaning the fact that there will most likely not be any chocolate bunnies for you, others are sad that they will not be able to spend the holidays with family and I feel for each and everyone of you, I personally am going to really, really miss Pink Bunny Peeps, Yellow Chicken Peeps and the White Easter Egg Peeps.

I found a truly wonderful article on how to spend your Seder alone, and there are many churches that have put how-to spend Easter alone on their websites. Ramadan begins April 24th this year and many muslims are working on how to spend that alone.

So Covid-19 is obviously proving it is non-denominational. I hope that everyone finds a way to celebrate their holiday, and remember that we will get through this. In the meantime call someone you are not able to spend your holiday with and wish them well in these trying times.

Trivial Things

My Horoscope for today: A betrayal stems from desperation, not malice. However this person has some explaining to do. Not a word from you until you get an apology

The NYT Crossword Puzzle: It was weird. I didn’t understand the clues, so even when I got the answer I had no idea what it was. I don’t know Morse Code

San Francisco weather: 59 degrees and cloudy

NYSE DOW opened at: 23690

Italian word of the day: umorista (humorist)

Spanish word of the day: nutria (otter)

OED word of the day: arbitrium

Days under Shelter In Place: 27

Reading: Why Does the World Exist by Jim Holt

Reading Canto XII, XIII, XIV Dante’s Inferno

A Special Something: Andrea Bocelli will live stream a concert from the Duomo on Easter Sunday

My Black and White Picture of the Day

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Funny from the Internet: · Still haven’t decided where to go for Easter — — — The Living Room or The Bedroom

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